A Social Network For Buyers and Suppliers To Connect

We are just getting started!

Hi there and thanks for visiting Beaver Bids. We are in beta mode right now as we start up the network. Please don’t let the number of members, groups and forums put you off from joining. We all have to start somewhere right? So join now and help build our community. Once you sign up you can also invite additional colleagues via our great – connector tool

The First Social Network for Procurement in Europe

LinkedIn and Facebook for Procurement in Europe. Post jobs, add your business and expand your network.

Yes, Tendering and Procurement can be fun!!

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What is Beaver Bids?

Social Network

It’s LinkedIn and Facebook for procurement in Europe. Connect with colleagues, join groups and forums and share your experience.

Business Directory

Promote your business and demonstrate your procurement experience by joining our public procurement business directory.


Post and apply for relevant jobs in the field of procurement. Searching for jobs is as we connect the best talent with the best companies.

So many reasons to join...

No. #1 online community for procurement professionals.

Network, collaborate and grow your knowledge.

Ask for help, share experience, take part, contribute or simply sift through 100s of relevant topics.

Meet like minded individuals that you can establish a world-wide network with.

The Beaver Bids Procurement Network is free and always will be. We have more amazing services lined up for the coming months, but for now join in and get started building your procurement network.

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